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Landscape Business Insurance

Mandatory under a New Law

You’ve waited all too long for your season to get going again. You and your crew need to be productive every working day and hour. There’s a specific Landscaping insurance coverage that just become mandatory in Ohio, so make sure you’re covered.

Have you thought about what might happen if you are found non-compliant with this new legislation? Have you considered the impact of losses on your business?

How 2,200 Ohio Landscaping Contractors Can Benefit from Landscape Business Insurance

Get the skinny on how you too can protect your business from losses and claims with a free consultation. We can discuss how to:

  • Get up to speed with the implications of the new legislation
  • Make sure no liability claims against you slow you down
  • Eliminate unnecessary policy riders
  • Leverage our experience of working with Ohio landscapers for almost one hundred years
  • Get the best deal for protecting your landscaping business

Don’t make the costly mistake of forgoing this required insurance or your license could be revoked for non-compliance!

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